Eastwood to Parramatta - River Run




Bike Ride

720940 ft

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Sydney, Australia
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Patrick Name Best Time: 2:00:00
Great run up the Parramatta River from Meadowbank to Parramatta. Once in Parramatta you can do a few laps of Parramatta Park before the return leg. Not as many bike paths on the Northern side of the river and even one new bike path between Alan St and Clyde St (Rydalmere) that is all locked up with high barbed wire fences. Parramatta council are hoping to have it opened by August 2007. <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Tips for a good ride include use the horse bridge to get over James Ruse drive, pass some historic sites such as Elizabeth Farm, Hambledon Cottage, and Robin Thomas Reserve on the way to Parramatta Wharf. As there are a number of one way streets its easier to enter Parramatta park using the bike track on the northern side of the river (see map) and exit the park from the old Gatehouse into George St.
Bike Ride


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 22.69 mi/28.15 mi 5.47 mi -104452 ft/-77632 ft 92.9%
Cat False 34.00 mi/41.83 mi 7.83 mi -106572 ft/-67005 ft 95.7%
Cat False 49.29 mi/58.48 mi 9.20 mi -104269 ft/-57721 ft 95.8%
Cat False 68.12 mi/88.50 mi 20.39 mi -106729 ft/-1004 ft 98.2%
Cat hc 90.80 mi/93.10 mi 2.30 mi -11123 ft/-1016 ft 83.2%
Cat False 113.55 mi/133.87 mi 20.32 mi -106603 ft/-882 ft 98.5%
Cat hc 135.24 mi/136.86 mi 1.62 mi -5988 ft/339 ft 74.2%
Cat False 144.94 mi/152.52 mi 7.58 mi -39096 ft/-957 ft 95.3%
Cat hc 170.17 mi/172.97 mi 2.80 mi -90404 ft/-80239 ft 68.8%
Cat False 178.31 mi/199.20 mi 20.88 mi -106554 ft/164 ft 96.8%
Cat 4 204.29 mi/210.26 mi 5.97 mi 74 ft/171 ft 0.3%
Cat False 231.14 mi/238.23 mi 7.09 mi -106551 ft/-71334 ft 94.1%
Cat False 239.91 mi/255.07 mi 15.17 mi -78814 ft/-713 ft 97.5%
Cat hc 256.19 mi/257.81 mi 1.62 mi -4552 ft/337 ft 57.3%
Cat False 279.12 mi/301.50 mi 22.37 mi -106552 ft/243 ft 90.4%

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