Eastwood to Sydney Olympic Park - 3 Markers Circuit




Bike Ride

783536 ft

Begins in:
Sydney, Australia
Created By:
Patrick Name
Great Sunday morning ride, allow 3 hours with a coffee stop. This ride starts with an easy downhill run from Eastwood Station to Meadowbank Wharf. Following the river up to Silverwater Bridge via Meadowbank Park, some quite back streets and George Kendall Park. Once across Silverwater Bridge, head for the boat ramp car park and pick up the River Walk track back along the river until you reach Newington Armory Wharf. Just up from the Wharf, off the new car park, you will find Blaxland Common and your first marker, the River Marker. At the top of the River Marker enjoy views of Parramatta River and Silverwater Jail. Head back down to the wharf and continue along the river walk to the Sydney Olympic Park ferry terminal. From there its a straight run up the bike track on the right of Hill Rd to Haslams Creek Marker (2nd Marker). When you have scaled the 2nd marker, cross the bridge and pick up the bike track that runs down the western side of Haslams Creek. Take the 3rd paved track on the right (see map) which should bring you out via a small gate on Hill Rd. If you cross Hill Rd you should see another bike track that takes you around a grassy hill next to Pondage Link. From there head for the top of Kronos Hill and on the other side link up with the bike track that runs under Holker St Bridge. This bike track will take you to Wentworth Common and your 3rd Marker called the Bay Marker. Crossing Bennelong Rd will take you into the Badu Mangroves and follow the track to Rhodes, then Meadowbank and then the climb back up into Eastwood.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 22.87 mi/31.32 mi 8.45 mi -105576 ft/-62869 ft 95.7%
Cat False 39.40 mi/49.53 mi 10.13 mi -103356 ft/-51869 ft 96.3%
Cat False 60.29 mi/80.61 mi 20.32 mi -106685 ft/-936 ft 98.5%
Cat hc 81.73 mi/82.66 mi 0.93 mi -4559 ft/-1959 ft 52.8%
Cat False 102.86 mi/123.74 mi 20.88 mi -106799 ft/314 ft 97.1%
Cat False 133.81 mi/142.26 mi 8.45 mi -49559 ft/-7043 ft 95.3%
Cat hc 159.23 mi/162.09 mi 2.86 mi -94862 ft/-81883 ft 86.0%
Cat False 167.12 mi/188.00 mi 20.88 mi -106548 ft/173 ft 96.8%
Cat 3 190.86 mi/195.96 mi 5.10 mi -451 ft/182 ft 2.4%
Cat False 216.84 mi/237.78 mi 20.94 mi -106578 ft/320 ft 96.7%
Cat False 247.54 mi/256.86 mi 9.32 mi -47922 ft/-605 ft 96.1%
Cat hc 262.02 mi/267.86 mi 5.84 mi -25786 ft/301 ft 84.6%
Cat False 288.93 mi/304.60 mi 15.66 mi -106581 ft/-25724 ft 97.8%
Cat False 309.50 mi/321.38 mi 11.87 mi -49598 ft/268 ft 79.6%

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