36.11 km Mountain Biking - Narrowneck from Katoomba on 19/02/2012 14:26




Mtn Biking

1546 ft

Begins in:
Nsw, Australia
Created By:
stopthatastronaut Best Time: 3:28:51
Narrownack Track starting at the cafe strip in Katoomba. First a pleasant warmup along low-trafficroads to join Cliff Drive, then Narrowneck Return, then the climb from Scenic World back into town.
Starts From:
coffee shop
For Travel Gravel Surface Hilly Contour Medium Difficulty Mountains Surroundings Rough Terrain Sand Surface Scenic Surroundings Trail Surface
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 4 3.68 mi/5.98 mi 2.31 mi 2912 ft/3336 ft 3.5%
Cat 5 7.11 mi/8.97 mi 1.87 mi 3223 ft/3502 ft 2.8%
Cat 4 12.15 mi/14.71 mi 2.56 mi 3043 ft/3497 ft 3.4%
Cat 5 16.45 mi/17.64 mi 1.18 mi 3222 ft/3338 ft 1.9%
Cat 5 19.76 mi/22.50 mi 2.74 mi 2966 ft/3278 ft 2.2%

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