Bike Ride

2957 ft

Begins in:
Herve, Belgium
Created By:
Ruud Peters
Opnieuw een fraaie tocht van het land van Herve naar de poort van de Ardennen (Spa). Aardig wat hellingen waarvan de Cote de Bansions Est de pittigste is (tot 19%). <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Once more a nice route from the &#039;land of Herve&#039; to the gates of the ardennes, Spa. Quite some climbs, the toughest is defenitely the cote de bansions est with it&#039;s peak gradiation to 19%. <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Cyclomaster (2005): 66,5km-1165m ascent <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Herve-Les Bruyeres-Grnd Rechain-Wegnez-Pepinster-Oneux-Polleur-Tiege-Spa-Creppe-Winamplanche-Sur le Thier-La Reid-Hautregard-Banneux-Nessonvaux-Froidbermont-Olne-Xhendelesse-Jose-Herve <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> <br> Beklimmngen/Climbs: <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> chateau de biomont <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> cote de chinheid (900m-10%av-17%max) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> cote d&#039;oneux <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> cote de bansions est (2,5km-6%av-19%max) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> cote de creppe (2,5km-5,4%av-10%max) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> sur le thier (2,2km-5%av-9%max) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> hautregard <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> cote de froidbermont (3,3km-4,2%av-10%max) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> rafhay <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> fays de jose (1,2km-6,3%av-11%max)
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 1.12 mi/2.43 mi 1.31 mi 786 ft/929 ft 2.1%
Cat 4 6.72 mi/9.90 mi 3.17 mi 437 ft/1036 ft 3.6%
Cat 4 12.89 mi/15.87 mi 2.99 mi 747 ft/1212 ft 2.9%
Cat 4 19.30 mi/21.29 mi 1.99 mi 846 ft/1275 ft 4.1%
Cat 5 22.91 mi/24.22 mi 1.31 mi 852 ft/1198 ft 5.0%
Cat 5 25.34 mi/26.77 mi 1.43 mi 977 ft/1189 ft 2.8%
Cat 4 34.36 mi/38.78 mi 4.42 mi 406 ft/916 ft 2.2%
Cat 5 40.28 mi/42.39 mi 2.12 mi 738 ft/991 ft 2.3%

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