Herve-Tilff-Herve "Vallee de la Vesdre"




Bike Ride

3858 ft

Begins in:
Herve, Belgium
Created By:
Ruud Peters
Herve-Tillf-Herve, een pittige tocht met enkele stevige kuitenbuiters zoals de Rue sur Steppes (max.20%). <br> A pretty tough ride from Herve to Tilff and back. Some steep climbs like Rue sur Steppes (max.20%). <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Herve-Xhendelesse-Soiron-Cornesse-Trasenster-Trooz-Andoumont-Les Forges-Dolembreux-Mery-Tilff-Sur Cortil-Beaufays-Ninane-Chaudfontaine-Prayon-Foret-Olne-Soumagne-Jose-Herve <br> Beklimmingen/Climbs: <br> Cote de Xhendelesse: 1,4km <br> Cote de Chene: 1km-7,8%av-18%max <br> Cote de Trasenster Est: 2,0km <br> Rue sur Steppes: 2,3km-7,7%av-20%max <br> Les Forges: 1,5km-7,4%av-10%max <br> Cote de Tilff Cortil: 3,0km-6,2%av-10%max <br> Cote de Foret: 3,1km-5,5%av-10%max <br> Cote de Fays Jose: 1,2km-6,3%-11%max <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Ciclomaster: 63km - +/- 1200m ascent
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 2.12 mi/3.42 mi 1.31 mi 714 ft/901 ft 2.7%
Cat 5 4.61 mi/5.79 mi 1.18 mi 699 ft/923 ft 3.6%
Cat 5 9.09 mi/10.64 mi 1.56 mi 393 ft/726 ft 4.0%
Cat 3 11.95 mi/13.51 mi 1.56 mi 354 ft/908 ft 6.7%
Cat 5 14.75 mi/16.00 mi 1.24 mi 639 ft/861 ft 3.4%
Cat 3 20.92 mi/24.78 mi 3.86 mi 249 ft/901 ft 3.2%
Cat 4 29.75 mi/32.18 mi 2.43 mi 268 ft/798 ft 4.1%
Cat 5 34.11 mi/35.30 mi 1.18 mi 704 ft/837 ft 2.1%
Cat 5 36.66 mi/39.96 mi 3.30 mi 645 ft/991 ft 2.0%

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