Spa-La Gleize-Francorchamps "La Lienne"




Bike Ride

1958 ft

Begins in:
Spa, Belgium
Created By:
Ruud Peters
Vrij zware ardennenrit met heel wat hoogtemeters (+/- 1650m). Rustig, mooie omgeving. <br> Tough ride through the Ardennes with quite some ascents (1650m). Quite and nice environment. <br> <br> Spa-Geronster-Creppe-Winamplanche-Desnie-Stoumont-Targnon-Chession-Chevron-Xhierfomont-Rahier-Cheneux-La Gleize-Cour-Andrimont-Ruy-Neuville-Francorchamps-Malchamps-Spa <br> <br> Beklimmingen/climbs: <br> Cote de Rosier Nord (deel) 4km-5,5%av-11%max. <br> Cote de Desnie 4,5km-6%av-11%max. <br> Cote de Hes Grevis 2,3km-6,8%av-18%max. <br> Cote de Xhierfomont 3,0km-5,7%av-8%max. <br> Cote de Rosier Sud 9,2km-3,9%av-10%max. <br> Cote de Neuville 2,5km <br> Cote de Malchamps 1,0km <br> <br> Cyclomaster (2001): 71,5km-1653m ascent
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 3 0.50 mi/3.42 mi 2.93 mi 858 ft/1484 ft 4.0%
Cat 3 6.85 mi/10.02 mi 3.17 mi 884 ft/1718 ft 5.0%
Cat 4 14.63 mi/18.36 mi 3.73 mi 658 ft/1257 ft 3.0%
Cat 4 23.28 mi/25.52 mi 2.24 mi 697 ft/1161 ft 3.9%
Cat 3 29.44 mi/34.85 mi 5.41 mi 717 ft/1725 ft 3.5%
Cat 3 37.53 mi/42.26 mi 4.73 mi 1065 ft/1849 ft 3.1%

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