Spa-Lorce-Aywaille-Spa "Bois Henhistet"




Bike Ride

4726 ft

Begins in:
Spa, Belgium
Created By:
Ruud Peters
E&Atilde;&copy;n van mijn favoriete routes vanaf Spa. Mooie rustige wegen, veel bos en aardig wat hellingen. <br> One of my favourite rides from Spa. Quiet, nice roads, crossing a lot of forests and a couple of nice climbs. <br> Cyclomaster (2003): 68km - 1400m ascent <br> <br> Spa-Cote de Rosier-La Gleize-Cheneux-Rahier-Chession-Lorce-Havalange-Harze-Niaster-Kin-Aywaille-Hautregard-Desnie-Winamplanche-Creppe-Spa <br> <br> Beklimmingen/Climbs: <br> Cote de Rosier: 5,6km-5,5%av-11%max <br> <br> Cote de Hes Grevis: 1,4km-8,7%av-18%max <br> Cote de Lorce: 3km - 6,6%av-12%max <br> Cote de Niaster: 1,8km - 7,7%av-15%max <br> El Minire: 4,6km - 4,8%av-15%max <br> Cote de Winamplanche: 1,8km - 7,3%av-13%max
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 3 0.50 mi/4.61 mi 4.11 mi 857 ft/1832 ft 4.5%
Cat 5 10.40 mi/13.27 mi 2.87 mi 717 ft/1038 ft 2.1%
Cat 5 16.14 mi/17.32 mi 1.18 mi 745 ft/991 ft 3.9%
Cat 4 18.38 mi/20.31 mi 1.93 mi 829 ft/1358 ft 5.2%
Cat 4 25.42 mi/27.41 mi 1.99 mi 606 ft/1058 ft 4.3%
Cat 3 31.21 mi/37.01 mi 5.79 mi 463 ft/1296 ft 2.7%
Cat 4 38.50 mi/40.06 mi 1.56 mi 882 ft/1276 ft 4.8%

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