Spa-Stavelot-Trois Ponts: "Les grand geants de Stavelot"




Bike Ride

4884 ft

Begins in:
Spa, Belgium
Created By:
Ruud Peters
Zware rit door de ardennen met een 6-tal pittige beklimmingen. <br> Tough ride through the Ardennes with 6 demanding climbs <br> <br> Beklimmingen/Climbs: <br> Cote de Rosier Nord: 5,6km-5,5%av-11%max <br> Thier de Coo: 2,6km-8,5%av-17%max <br> Cote de Stockeu: 2,3km-9,9%av-17%max <br> Wanneranval: 1,8km-9,1%av-16%max <br> Cote de la Brume-Est: 3,0km-7,1%av-13%max <br> Cote de la Vequee: 6,5km-5,1%av <br> <br> Cyclomaster (8 juni 2002): 72,1km-1822m ascent-3u.56.00-18,3kmh av <br> <br>
Starts From:
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 0.56 mi/4.61 mi 4.05 mi 853 ft/1832 ft 4.6%
Cat 3 10.96 mi/13.39 mi 2.43 mi 734 ft/1490 ft 5.9%
Cat 3 15.51 mi/17.56 mi 2.06 mi 953 ft/1615 ft 6.1%
Cat 4 19.18 mi/20.68 mi 1.49 mi 1174 ft/1623 ft 5.7%
Cat 3 23.79 mi/28.21 mi 4.42 mi 840 ft/1612 ft 3.3%
Cat 2 34.50 mi/38.92 mi 4.42 mi 692 ft/1731 ft 4.5%

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