McCthulhu Route 3: Grand Valley to Horse Creek Roads. Say MOO!




Bike Ride

616 ft

Begins in:
Cochrane, AB, Canada
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(Use Hybrid Satellite/Map view. Grand Valley road section doesn&#039;t have adequate image resolution so pan back and use Map only view to see route) <br> <br> This route utilizes some (mostly) paved country roads to the north and west of Cochrane. A short stretch connecting Grand Valley and Horse Creek roads is gravel only. Once you get off the 1A highway there is very little road traffic to worry about and the way out to the quiet and scenic Grand Valley road is worth the bit of 1A traffic. There are tons of cows in the summer along this stretch so you will be tempted to moo back once or twice. The stretch from where you turn off 1A onto Grand Valley Rd. up until a summit at the far north of the route coming East to Horse Valley Rd. is all gradual to intermediate climbing. Depending on your point of view, it is unfortunate (or fortunate if you like the workout) that there is usually a headwind coming back South on Horse Creek. This wind can vary from gentle breeze to out and out low gear menace depending on the whims of nature. There is discussion about construction along the pie shaped piece of land North of Cochrane between the CPR tracks and the 1A highway which may or may not affect the linkage from Quigley Drive to the 1A. Supposedly this route will be upgraded to paved and controlled rail crossing instead of abandoned, but I&#039;ve seen dumb decisions made in this town, so expect the unexpected.
Bike Ride


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 3 0.06 mi/11.25 mi 11.19 mi 3726 ft/4313 ft 1.0%

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