2007 Tour of Spain - Stage 10 - Benasque - Andorra




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19361 ft

Begins in:
Benasque, Spain
Created By:
Tour of Spain
Individual time trial in Zaragoza, finish at the summit of Cerler...and now a third consecutive test for the cyclists in the 2007 Vuelta. Once again, the mountains provide a dramatic backdrop. On Monday, 10 September, the racers must face a high mountain stage: A 214-kilometre route running from Benasque to Andorra with four climbs worth mountain points. Coll de Fadas (km. 21), Puerto de Prev&Atilde;&copy;s (km. 61), Port del Cant&Atilde;&sup3; (km. will all serve as preludes to the final climb: Arcal&Atilde;&shy;s. <br> <br> The final climb features a terraced climb spanning 15 kilometres, with a 5.6% slope and sustained climbs at an 8.5% incline. The summit is at 2,200 metres altitude and the slopes of Arcal&Atilde;&shy;s will give hope to those cyclists who are natural climbers against the ones who rely on brute strength. <br> <br> Brief History: Angel Camargo of Colombia was the first to triumph at the summit of this ski resort in 1994, but the three subsequent finishes here ended with victories for crack Spanish climbers: Roberto Laiseka won in 2000, Chaba Jim&Atilde;&copy;nez had the best time in 2001, and Francisco Mancebo beat his rivals in a shorter sprint in 2005. On the other hand, Benasque has hosted the start of a Vuelta stage nine times. The last one was in 1998, with victory going to Gianni Bugno in Canfranc.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 8.40 mi/14.99 mi 6.59 mi 2963 ft/4741 ft 5.1%
Cat 5 16.98 mi/18.53 mi 1.55 mi 4455 ft/4639 ft 2.2%
Cat 2 32.34 mi/38.31 mi 5.97 mi 2738 ft/4064 ft 4.2%
Cat 4 39.62 mi/41.11 mi 1.49 mi 3887 ft/4302 ft 5.3%
Cat 4 57.90 mi/61.88 mi 3.98 mi 1705 ft/2085 ft 1.8%
Cat 1 68.47 mi/85.89 mi 17.41 mi 2073 ft/5570 ft 3.8%
Cat 1 102.00 mi/134.34 mi 32.34 mi 2046 ft/6990 ft 2.9%

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