2007 Tour of Spain - Stage 9 - Huesca - Estacion de esquí Cerler




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10937 ft

Begins in:
Huesca, Spain
Created By:
Tour of Spain
If the time trial specialists will have their day in Zaragoza, the climbers will get their turn the very next day. With the start in Huesca and the finish line in Cerler, the riders will start the 167-kilometre stage with a pair of 2nd category climbs at Monrep&Atilde;&sup3;s and Serrablo. After that, the stage will travel through an area of much more even terrain with only one objective in mind: Cerler. <br> <br> The final climb is 12.6 kilometres long, with an average slope of 5.5%, although the uphill ride to Cerler features sustained climbs where the incline is close to 10%. These tend to decide the outcome of the stage, mainly because the most difficult sustained climbs are a considerable distance from the finish line. This is one of the main keys: to get past that kilometre where the slope is around 11%. The riders who achieve it will hardly lose any time at the summit. <br> <br> Brief History: Laudelino Cubino was the first victor at Cerler in 1987. Racers who have won since then include Fabio Parra, Pedro Delgado, Farlan, Ivanov, Rincon, Chaba Jim&Atilde;&copy;nez and Rominger on two occasions. Of course, we cannot forget the 2005 triumph of Roberto Laiseka at the summit of Cerler.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 1 0.06 mi/14.31 mi 14.24 mi 1,548 ft/4,252 ft 3.6%
Cat 1 23.63 mi/43.41 mi 19.78 mi 2,363 ft/4,076 ft 1.6%
Cat 5 44.53 mi/45.78 mi 1.24 mi 3,886 ft/4,160 ft 4.2%
Cat 2 62.94 mi/71.40 mi 8.46 mi 1,769 ft/3,177 ft 3.2%
Cat 5 75.38 mi/76.38 mi 1.00 mi 2,186 ft/2,344 ft 3.0%
Cat 4 77.75 mi/82.47 mi 4.73 mi 2,199 ft/2,739 ft 2.2%
Cat 4 83.53 mi/86.52 mi 2.99 mi 2,609 ft/3,185 ft 3.7%
Cat 1 88.01 mi/106.67 mi 18.66 mi 2,866 ft/6,271 ft 3.5%

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