2007 Tour of Spain - Stage 3 - Viveiro to Luarca




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9810 ft

Begins in:
Viveiro, Spain
Created By:
Tour of Spain
The race will leave the roads of Galicia on 3 September to enter Asturias en route to what will be the first big party of the 2007 Vuelta. But before reaching the finish line in Lagos de Covadonga, the racers must overcome the 153 kilometres which lie between Viveiro and Luarca. <br> <br> Almost directly after the starting line of this third stage, they will have to make the first 2nd category climb of the Vuelta at San Andrae de Boimente, and three more 3rd category climbs feature along the way, the last one 33 kilometres from the finish line. And once again, there will be two laps around the streets of Luarca. <br> <br> Brief History: Though 2007 brings the race to Viveiro for the first time, Luarca is a well-known feature on the Vuelta map, after having hosted the race on three occasions: 1941, 1942 and 1947, with the victories of Delio Rodra&Acirc;&shy;guez in the first two and the Italian Deledda in the third one 60 years ago.
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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 2.55 mi/7.09 mi 4.54 mi 18 ft/1377 ft 5.7%
Cat 5 9.08 mi/11.45 mi 2.36 mi 1256 ft/1557 ft 2.4%
Cat 3 18.29 mi/22.33 mi 4.04 mi 199 ft/902 ft 3.3%
Cat 5 25.38 mi/26.81 mi 1.43 mi 191 ft/482 ft 3.9%
Cat 2 28.18 mi/31.67 mi 3.48 mi 194 ft/1424 ft 6.7%
Cat 5 37.58 mi/39.13 mi 1.56 mi 587 ft/755 ft 2.1%
Cat 3 67.87 mi/72.48 mi 4.60 mi -1 ft/690 ft 2.8%
Cat 2 73.47 mi/76.27 mi 2.80 mi 501 ft/1421 ft 6.2%
Cat 5 87.35 mi/89.71 mi 2.36 mi 75 ft/341 ft 2.1%

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