Mont Ventoux - 22 miles




Bike Ride

5800 ft

Begins in:
Bedoin, Mont Ventoux, Carpentas, France
Created By:
Simon Hunter
Start in Bedoin, do the Mont. <br> <br> Weather: Check the forecast before you go. Even if you can see the summit from the bottom on the mountain, it could be blowing a gale up there and if it&#039;s boiling in Bedoin, it can be sub-zero on top. According to the French Army, up at the top of Mont Ventoux you have: <br> - 204 days of fog per year on average. <br> - For 242 days of the year, the wind &gt; than 90km/h. <br> - The ground is covered by snow for 140 days a year. <br> - The average winter temperature is -27&Acirc;&deg;C <br> - Thunder storms happen all year and can be exceptionally violent. <br> <br> Clothing: Take some extra clothes for the top and remember with the windchill, even in temperatures of 25oC, descending at speed can make you cold. So suffer the weight penalty - it&#039;s minor anyway - and even when it&#039;s a hot day, pack that raincape in your back pocket. <br> <br> Gears: With low gears, it&#039;s all possible. Think about a triple chainring or a compact chainset, with a gear of 36x25. It might look &quot;pro&quot; rolling out of Bedoin with your normal gears of 39x23 but unless you&#039;re an excellent rider, at best you&#039;ll be grinding your way up in an endless series of leg presses, at worst you&#039;ll be walking. <br> <br> Drink and eat: Don&#039;t forget to drink a lot. There&#039;s a fountain with drinkable water halfway between Chalet Reynard and the summit. Useful. And all the climbing equals a lot of calories burnt up, so you&#039;ll need to eat a lot too, but this can be hard to do when you&#039;re gasping for air on the way up and when you&#039;re flying down at 70km/h. So make time to eat. <br> <br> Start early: If it&#039;s going to be a hot day, think about starting early in the morning so you&#039;re not still climbing in the afternoon heat.
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Bike Ride


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 0.50 mi/21.51 mi 21.01 mi 311 ft/6111 ft 5.2%

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