Novafeltria-Carpegna loop




Bike Ride

4583 ft

Begins in:
Novafeltria, Italy
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Beautiful loop through some surprisingly wild countryside. This particular itinerary avoids climbing to the pass on the shoulder of the mountain via some long and seriously steep grades on the more direct road from Pennabilli to Carpegna. Also serves up even more gentle rambling across the lower slopes of the mountain on a road that is seemingly deserted of traffic. When it finally turns and heads up, the grades are never the leg crunching walls that are pretty easy to encounter in the region, as in grades in the high teens and over considerable distances. That isn&#039;t to say that there aren&#039;t grades that can make you look down to check if you&#039;re on your biggest cog or not but those pitches are brief. Plus the views are so gorgeous that chances are you&#039;re going to be too busy appreciating them to worry about the grade you&#039;re grinding up. What you&#039;re looking out over is a wild and impressively hilly landscape that almost seems to have escaped the waves of civilization that have continuously swept over Italy. Oh there are the ubiquitous farm fields scattered over the slopes and the tiled roofs of isolated hamlets poking up out of the forests but really the overwhelming sense when looking down from the heights is of a land that escaped. That sense is intensified when you turn and look out towards the Adriatic where the coast has been swamped by civilization. <br> <br> After the pass on the shoulder, it&#039;s a fast downhill into Carpegna followed by a rolling, twisting, steadily climbing route across the mountain to the pass just above the village of Montecopiolo. After that it&#039;s all downhill. <br> <br> An extremely fast descent at that because below the village of Maiolo the road does the big plunge on astoundingly steep grades where the acceleration after you let go of the brakes after each turn is something else. The turns are sweet and round and if the roadway wasn&#039;t so narrow so you have to watch out for traffic coming up (not that there&#039;s much of it of course but then again just one car in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough), a person could really hit some magnificent speeds on the way down. Good brakes are imperative of course. Then it&#039;s across the river and up the hill into town and with that you&#039;ve just bagged an excellent little loop.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 3 0.06 mi/6.98 mi 6.92 mi 962 ft/1849 ft 2.4%
Cat 1 8.23 mi/12.34 mi 4.11 mi 1617 ft/3329 ft 7.9%
Cat 3 16.65 mi/22.69 mi 6.05 mi 2276 ft/3187 ft 2.9%

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