San Marino-Urbino loop




Bike Ride

7952 ft

Begins in:
Aquaviva, San Marino
Created By:
Long and very hilly loop from San Marino to the old university town of Urbino. Lots and lots of climbing on frequently steep grades, though most of the time relatively short in duration, including lots of brutal pitches in the high teens. Straight roads are almost unknown but happily most of the roads selected had little traffic. Total distance is around 120 Ks, depending on what routes you take, but guaranteed it rides longer than it measures due to all the climbing. Excellent ride with all the best includes: scenery, vacant roads, small villages, and at the end a wonderful destination, the walled city of Urbino where you'll want to spend more time than you probably have if you're planning on returning to San Marino the same day.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 1 0.75 mi/13.68 mi 12.94 mi 422 ft/3187 ft 4.0%
Cat 2 27.06 mi/29.11 mi 2.05 mi 710 ft/1539 ft 7.6%
Cat 4 33.28 mi/34.90 mi 1.62 mi 681 ft/1193 ft 6.0%
Cat 3 36.82 mi/42.11 mi 5.29 mi 647 ft/1427 ft 2.8%
Cat 5 43.61 mi/44.91 mi 1.31 mi 1138 ft/1365 ft 3.3%
Cat 2 50.01 mi/56.54 mi 6.53 mi 352 ft/1946 ft 4.6%
Cat 5 58.47 mi/59.59 mi 1.12 mi 1403 ft/1655 ft 4.3%
Cat 3 61.83 mi/65.13 mi 3.30 mi 926 ft/1837 ft 5.2%
Cat 5 66.62 mi/68.98 mi 2.36 mi 1570 ft/1798 ft 1.8%

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