Jimba Kaido




Bike Ride

3612 ft

Begins in:
Tokyo, Japan
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Jimba Kaido <br> About 1 hour drive west from Tokyo is the edge of the mountains. Jimba Kaido is a small road that winds up into the mountains through scenic villages and rice paddy fields. Closed to traffic for the last 10km, only cyclists and hikers on the road. However the last few kilometers were too tough to ride for me, the ascent was too steep, and i had to resort to the dishonour of walking. <br> <br> At the peak I was greeted by an ancient grandma selling bannanas and frozen drinks to the few people that made it to the top. <br> <br> Then for the easy part - the descent! yeah! Heading north-east onto a long disused road which in places was covered in rubble and tree branches, presumably the effects of land slides in the last hurricane. Stop at a mountain stream to cool off, and back onto proper road and a easy ride back to base. <br> A refreshing ride in the mountains.
Bike Ride


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 0.06 mi/8.36 mi 8.29 mi 610 ft/2389 ft 4.1%
Cat 2 17.40 mi/26.44 mi 9.04 mi 604 ft/2389 ft 3.7%

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