Vuelta PR - Plazas Tour - San Juan to Yabucoa - 80 miles, 9 Plazas




Bike Ride

434998 ft

Begins in:
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Created By:
I am planning a &quot;Vuelta a PR&quot; for January 2009. The goal is to follow the coast and &quot;stop&quot; by the town plazas. This is a work in progress and comments on the route are aprreciated. <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Luis Pizarro
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.62 mi/2.55 mi 1.93 mi 82 ft/178 ft 0.9%
Cat False 23.50 mi/41.84 mi 18.34 mi -106595 ft/-11733 ft 98.0%
Cat hc 44.82 mi/50.42 mi 5.59 mi -25456 ft/183 ft 86.8%
Cat False 79.76 mi/99.84 mi 20.08 mi -104942 ft/-735 ft 98.3%
Cat False 109.47 mi/119.11 mi 9.64 mi -49360 ft/-494 ft 96.0%
Cat hc 124.83 mi/130.98 mi 6.15 mi -28705 ft/159 ft 88.8%
Cat 5 135.58 mi/136.83 mi 1.24 mi -168 ft/49 ft 3.3%
Cat 5 172.51 mi/176.55 mi 4.04 mi 16 ft/169 ft 0.7%
Cat False 198.31 mi/219.13 mi 20.83 mi -107816 ft/-973 ft 97.2%
Cat hc 221.81 mi/225.10 mi 3.29 mi -12918 ft/279 ft 75.9%
Cat hc 228.21 mi/231.19 mi 2.98 mi -11349 ft/163 ft 73.1%

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