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Skyline Blvd Bike Ride route image 81.41 mi Bike Ride Skyline Blvd San Francisco, Ca, CA acinader Mapped by 06/23/2006
Mission to Cupertino via Skyline Bike Ride route image 62.05 mi Bike Ride Mission to Cupertino via Skyline San Francisco, Ca, CA rafdionello Mapped by 04/28/2009
07/14/2009 verns house Bike Ride route image 2.93 mi Bike Ride 07/14/2009 verns house San Francisco, Ca, CA vitriolix Mapped by 07/15/2009
TransAm to Western Express Bike Ride route image 3,427.73 mi Bike Ride TransAm to Western Express Yorktown, Va To San Francisco, Ca, VA biketheusforms Mapped by 02/10/2010
Daly City Loop Bike Ride route image 23.23 mi Bike Ride Daly City Loop San Francisco, Ca, CA iamjared Mapped by 08/20/2010
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