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NSW Tri Club Champs Bike Loop Bike Ride route image 6.69 mi Bike Ride NSW Tri Club Champs Bike Loop Nelson Bay, Nsw Australia, Australia Trichard Mapped by 04/08/2007
Luskintyre Bike Ride route image 48.96 mi Bike Ride Luskintyre Singleton, Australia bats Mapped by 10/26/2007
Ride from Wulf's Bike Ride route image 6.01 mi Bike Ride Ride from Wulf's Australia, Australia juggeroz Mapped by 04/13/2008
Kingscliff Nimbin Byron Bay Kingscliff Bike Ride route image 157.74 mi Bike Ride Kingscliff Nimbin Byron Bay Kingscliff Kingscliff Nsw Australia, Australia digga Mapped by 06/02/2008
Morpeth Coffee Break Bike Ride route image 37.66 mi Bike Ride Morpeth Coffee Break Singleton Nsw, Australia kennomad Mapped by 12/31/2008
Sourdough Classic Bike Ride route image 80.79 mi Bike Ride Sourdough Classic Singleton Nsw, Australia reversebreakaway Mapped by 01/05/2009
Sutho/W/fall/Gairie/Wattamolla/Audley/Sutho Bike Ride route image 35.49 mi Bike Ride Sutho/W/fall/Gairie/Wattamolla/Audley/Sutho Sutherland Nsw Australia, Australia tomlee Mapped by 03/31/2009
My place to Kenyons via Pincotts Bike Ride route image 28.0 mi Bike Ride My place to Kenyons via Pincotts Australia, Australia johnmaloney Mapped by 08/17/2009
Corkscrew 50km Bike Ride route image 30.63 mi Bike Ride Corkscrew 50km Australia, Australia Fietzy Mapped by 08/24/2009
Brisbane to Byron Bike Ride route image 125.13 mi Bike Ride Brisbane to Byron Australia, Australia kels1978 Mapped by 09/13/2009
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