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  100.77 mi Bike Ride Day 32 - Potosi to Murphysboro Illinois, IL, United States jerbynx Mapped by 03/08/2009
  39.7 mi Bike Ride Goodenow Preserve Merrillville And Into Illinois, IN, United States Bykepsycho Mapped by 04/18/2009
  19.35 mi Bike Ride 07/07/2009 Route B. Zoo/Bemis Woods to Jorie rd./spring/york ret.B.Zoo 31St Street &Amp; First Ave., Brookfield, Illinois, IL, United States kathy11278 Mapped by 07/07/2009
  14.68 mi Bike Ride Du State Du Illinois City, IL, United States Roadie12 Mapped by 08/18/2009
  34.03 mi Bike Ride From Oplaine Rd & RT. 137 north to Russell Rd. Lake County, Illinois, IL, United States wildcatman Mapped by 08/19/2009
  14.77 mi Bike Ride A ride mapped on 08/02/2011 Illinois City, IL, United States mdrobs Mapped by 08/02/2011
  2.17 mi Bike Ride iMapMyRide: Aug 12, 2011 08:13 PM Illinois City, IL, United States CDailing Mapped by 08/12/2011
  32.01 mi Bike Ride Home to just past Cordova From Bettendorf To Just Past Cordova, Illinois, IL, United States locorunner3 Mapped by 10/13/2011
  8.46 mi Bike Ride 8.46 mi road cycling on 06/13/2014 Illinois Park, IL, United States HarryS231 Mapped by 06/13/2014
  21.18 mi Bike Ride 21.16 mi road cycling on 06/08/2014 Illinois Park, IL, United States AdamC803 Mapped by 06/14/2014
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