Cazenovia to Morrisville




Bike Ride

2121 ft

Cazenovia to Morrisville
Begins in:
Cazenovia, NY, United States
Created By:
4orbes Best Time: 2:20:00
West Lake Rd., Cazenovia to just eat of Morrisville, NY.
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Bike Path Surface For Workout Hard Difficulty Hilly Contour Low Traffic Area Medium Climb Contour Ride on wide Ride on wide paved road shoulder Road Surface Rolling Climb Contour Rural Area Scenic Surroundings Smooth Terrain Steep Contour
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 3.49 mi/6.17 mi 2.68 mi 1,211 ft/1,591 ft 2.7%
Cat 5 7.54 mi/9.72 mi 2.18 mi 1,428 ft/1,741 ft 2.7%
Cat 5 14.52 mi/15.95 mi 1.43 mi 1,311 ft/1,603 ft 3.9%
Cat 4 17.32 mi/22.12 mi 4.80 mi 1,300 ft/1,742 ft 1.7%
Cat 5 24.36 mi/25.73 mi 1.37 mi 1,429 ft/1,591 ft 2.2%
Cat 5 35.33 mi/37.94 mi 2.62 mi 1,212 ft/1,581 ft 2.7%

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