Bike Ride

4793 ft

Begins in:
Frederick, MD, United States
Created By:
alanf Best Time: 4:36:15
4 killer climbs in 68 miles. Altimeter recorded 6100 feet of climbing. <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Starts at Monocacy Middle School. Climbs Hamburg Rd and Harp Hill Rd followed by a rest stop in Wolfsville. Loops up Brandenburg Hollow Road and back through Wolfsville, then climbs Middlepoint Rd followed by a rest stop in Middletown. Finally climbs Coxey Brown Rd, the &quot;WTF&quot; in the ride name. Several nice descents between the hills.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 7.71 mi/13.06 mi 5.35 mi 411 ft/1646 ft 4.4%
Cat 3 18.78 mi/20.77 mi 1.99 mi 664 ft/1239 ft 5.5%
Cat 4 22.27 mi/25.75 mi 3.48 mi 1042 ft/1466 ft 2.3%
Cat 3 30.35 mi/32.96 mi 2.61 mi 891 ft/1727 ft 6.1%
Cat 5 46.96 mi/51.00 mi 4.04 mi 543 ft/793 ft 1.2%
Cat 2 53.30 mi/56.22 mi 2.92 mi 630 ft/1727 ft 7.1%
Cat 5 62.82 mi/64.50 mi 1.68 mi 372 ft/548 ft 2.0%

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