Mount Delight Road Loop




Bike Ride

2714 ft

Begins in:
Derry, NH, United States
Created By:
50 Mile Hilly Ride. Mostly back roads with little traffic. A couple short dirt sections because of road repairs; might be fixed by the time you ride it. Goes through the Deerfield Fairgrounds. There are a couple of convenience stores to stop for snacks &amp; water. One is on 43/107 in Deerfield and the other is on 43 in Candia. <br> <br> You could park and start at the public area at Massabesic and connect into the route on 121 near the Auburn Town Hall.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 7.91 mi/9.28 mi 1.37 mi 297 ft/504 ft 2.9%
Cat 5 17.31 mi/20.30 mi 2.99 mi 332 ft/582 ft 1.6%
Cat 5 21.42 mi/22.79 mi 1.37 mi 448 ft/747 ft 4.1%
Cat 5 24.41 mi/26.21 mi 1.81 mi 457 ft/853 ft 4.2%
Cat 5 33.44 mi/35.74 mi 2.30 mi 282 ft/536 ft 2.1%
Cat 5 37.23 mi/38.79 mi 1.56 mi 331 ft/627 ft 3.6%
Cat 5 42.09 mi/45.33 mi 3.24 mi 331 ft/471 ft 0.8%

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