Salt Point SP - Samual P. Taylor SP (via Highway 1)




Bike Ride

480741 ft

Begins in:
Salt Point State Park, CA, United States
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This is a very nice ride. Beautiful coastline! Particuarly is the weather&#039;s clear (best time Sept - Oct). This is a one-way ride so plan ransportation. <br> <br> The winds can get quite strong along the coast on this ride. But, traveling from north to south you&#039;ll typically have the prvailing winds at your back assisting with a little extra push. <br> <br> <br> Starts at Salt Point State Park the first 18 miles or so has some steep climbs and descents and road is narrow in spots. Also, for several miles your on cliffs high above the Pacific (can be a bit nerve racking if the traffic is heavy) so be careful. I strong recommend an early start to beat the traffic and make for a much more enjoyable ride. The views are worth it if the weather&#039;s clear!!! <br> <br> At Jenner (Russian River) to Bodega Bay the terrian becomes rolling and is very beautiful. <br> <br> Bodega bay is a nice spot to grab a bit to eat (or lunch). <br> <br> Just beyond Bodega Bay the roads turn inland for a while the come back out to the coast as you ride down Tomales Bay. The road a basically flat along the bay. The winds can be quite strong here. <br> <br> At the end of Tomales Bay the road turns inland agian and it&#039;s a short ride to Samual P. Taylor State Park. Stay at the campground or arrange pickup/transportation. <br>
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/1.62 mi 1.55 mi 144 ft/354 ft 2.6%
Cat 4 6.40 mi/11.19 mi 4.79 mi 115 ft/495 ft 1.5%
Cat 5 16.04 mi/17.90 mi 1.86 mi 110 ft/291 ft 1.8%
Cat hc 19.77 mi/24.37 mi 4.60 mi -6333 ft/224 ft 27.0%
Cat 1 29.09 mi/30.33 mi 1.24 mi -1197 ft/210 ft 21.4%
Cat 4 46.87 mi/51.59 mi 4.72 mi 21 ft/250 ft 0.9%
Cat hc 59.61 mi/65.39 mi 5.78 mi -29644 ft/-888 ft 94.2%
Cat hc 66.57 mi/68.06 mi 1.49 mi -4966 ft/-78 ft 62.1%
Cat False 77.88 mi/87.39 mi 9.51 mi -48275 ft/-595 ft 95.0%
Cat 1 88.51 mi/90.37 mi 1.86 mi -1485 ft/254 ft 17.7%
Cat hc 92.61 mi/94.23 mi 1.62 mi -7617 ft/-709 ft 81.0%
Cat hc 96.22 mi/98.14 mi 1.93 mi -9089 ft/-752 ft 82.0%
Cat hc 104.17 mi/110.20 mi 6.03 mi -30534 ft/-490 ft 94.4%
Cat False 123.38 mi/136.43 mi 13.05 mi -67863 ft/-816 ft 97.3%
Cat hc 154.08 mi/159.93 mi 5.84 mi -91971 ft/-62918 ft 94.2%
Cat False 165.58 mi/183.17 mi 17.59 mi -90633 ft/-97 ft 97.5%
Cat hc 186.28 mi/189.20 mi 2.92 mi -14475 ft/-875 ft 88.2%
Cat hc 193.80 mi/198.90 mi 5.10 mi -23118 ft/185 ft 86.6%
Cat hc 205.55 mi/210.21 mi 4.66 mi -23959 ft/-854 ft 93.9%
Cat hc 211.45 mi/212.70 mi 1.24 mi -5470 ft/-663 ft 73.2%
Cat False 222.33 mi/231.97 mi 9.63 mi -49869 ft/-946 ft 96.2%
Cat hc 233.95 mi/235.14 mi 1.18 mi -9876 ft/-6134 ft 60.0%
Cat hc 239.05 mi/244.09 mi 5.03 mi -24994 ft/-602 ft 91.8%
Cat hc 246.26 mi/248.25 mi 1.99 mi -10039 ft/-967 ft 86.4%
Cat hc 249.37 mi/250.86 mi 1.49 mi -4297 ft/342 ft 58.9%
Cat 5 253.66 mi/256.52 mi 2.86 mi 4 ft/333 ft 2.2%

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