Great Western Loop (via Skyline Truck Trail)




Bike Ride

3030 ft

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El Cajon, CA, United States
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rwsuelzle Best Time: 2:56:31
This is a clasic for cyclists!! Approx. 4000&#039; of climbing. <br>\n <br>\nThe first 8 miles out Willow Glen and Dehesa Roads is basically flat and makes for an ideal warm-up for what&#039;s to come. <br>\n <br>\nAt the intersection of Dehesa and Harbison Canyon Roads (Sycuan Jct) turn right, staying on Dehesa Rd. <br>\n <br>\nThe climbing starts here. <br>\n <br>\nNOTE: Both the following climbs are on southwest facing slopes and are wide open (very little shade). Make sure you bring plenty of fluids since there&#039;s basically no available water along the way!! <br>\n <br>\nThe first climb (Dehesa) is about 1200&#039; in a little over 3 miles, avg. gradient 5.5 -6%. Followed by a brief downhill (about 1.5 miles) to the back of Loveland Resv. (usually dry these days). <br>\n <br>\nNow comes the bigger climb up Japatual Road approx. 1600&#039; over about 5 miles. <br>\n <br>\nLower portion avg. 6-7%, upper portion avg. 8-9% with one portion of about 1/3 mile (commonly known as &#039;the wall&#039;) at 11%. <br>\n <br>\nAt Lyons Valley Road turn right. The first mile climbs slightly, followed by a nice downhill stretch (3 miles). The views of the San Diego backcountry are magnificent here (specially in the spring)! The last mile or so climbs several hundered feet to the intersection of Lyons Valley Road, Honey Springs Road and Skyline Truck Trail (aka Four Corners). <br>\n <br>\nTurn right onto Skyline Truck Trail and continue climbing. You&#039;ll climb several hundred feet over the next 1.5 miles, descend, make one final little climb then comes a nice and well deserved downhill run of over 2 miles into Jamul. <br>\n <br>\nDownhill speed here can hit over 50 mph and there could be some cross winds so excerise caution. <br>\n <br>\nYou continue to descend through Jamul, but much more gradual. <br>\n <br>\nAt Jamul Drive turn right and continue to descend through the upcoming canyon (Mexican Canyon). The upper portion is steep and you quickly gain speed to over 40 mph. Note the road takes a steep and fairly sharp turn to the left then back to the right, so if you aren&#039;t familiar with the road - beware, particuarly if wet. <br>\n <br>\nOnce at the bottom of Mexican Canyon there is about 2.5 miles which is basically flat to Steele Canyon Rd. At this point you&#039;re about 3.5 miles to the start, so if you have any engery left put the hammer down! <br>\n <br>\nSolo - try maintaining a 21 mph pace. <br>\n <br>\nGroup - maintain 25 mph w/optional sprint out. <br>\n <br>\nDepending on time of day/year you can be heading into a headwind, at times rather strong. Still put the hammer down and try to mantain speed (excellent for building power and endurance)! <br>\n <br>\nThis ride makes a great all-round workout!!! <br>\n <br>\nOnce back at the start, enjoy something to drink and refuel!
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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 6.54 mi/13.40 mi 6.86 mi 479 ft/1,595 ft 3.1%
Cat 2 14.77 mi/20.44 mi 5.67 mi 1,384 ft/2,635 ft 4.2%
Cat 4 26.11 mi/29.60 mi 3.49 mi 2,056 ft/2,584 ft 2.9%

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