RSD - Jamual - Honey Springs - Lyons Valley - Japatul - Dehesa Loop




Bike Ride

3328 ft

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El Cajon, CA, United States
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This is a great ride - hills and more hills and the last 7 miles is flat so hammer home(!).\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nThis ride can be hot. Best time is Fall, Winter and Spring. If there&#039;s been a good rainfall this ride is very beautiful - green hills and valleys, wildflowers.\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nRide starts at Rancho San Diego Shopping Center (Starbuck&#039;s, Coffee Grounds, Janet&#039;s Cafe, Bagel Towne and asst. fast food).\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nThe first 6 miles is a moderate climb to Jamul (nice warmup). Followed by 4 miles of rolling hills on Highway 94 to Honey Springs road..\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nTurn left on Honey Springs road. Now the serious climbing starts! You&#039;ll climb over 1800&#039; in about 6 miles. The lower section averages 6% gradient, the upper section averages 8% gradient. \n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nAt the intersection of Honey Springs Rd, Lyons Valley Rd and Skyline Truck Trail (four corners) turn right (east) on Lyons Valley Rd. You have a nice 1.5 mile descent (a nice rest after the climb).\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nNow once again you climb, but at a more moderate rate until you reach Japatul Rd.\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nNow for a great treat! After all the climbing you have a 4.5 mile descent followed by a 1 mile climb (moderate), then a 4 mile descent to Dehesa Rd. - ENJOY!\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nThe final 7 miles on Dehesa and Willow Glen roads are flat so it&#039;s time to hammer! Push it back to the start (21 mph if solo)!! If you have a group get the paceline going (24 ).\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nThere maybe a bit of a headwind the last 7 miles and can get rather strong depending on time of day/year - still put the hammer down and try to maintain the speed (great for building power and endurance)!\n<br>\\n\n<br>\\nEnjoy something drink and refuel when you get back to the start (Starbuck&#039;s Coffe Grounds, Jane&#039;s Cafe, Bagel Towne, asst. fast food)!
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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 3 1.00 mi/5.98 mi 4.98 mi 329 ft/1027 ft 2.7%
Cat 2 10.21 mi/17.38 mi 7.16 mi 710 ft/2558 ft 4.9%
Cat 3 19.93 mi/25.54 mi 5.61 mi 2064 ft/2637 ft 1.9%
Cat 5 31.20 mi/32.57 mi 1.37 mi 1384 ft/1594 ft 2.9%

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