Hide and Seek Foundation's Awareness Ride, Part 5




Bike Ride

234996 ft

Begins in:
Laguna Beach, CA, United States
Created By:
Helen Name
Part 5 of Hide and Seek Foundation&#039;s Awareness Bike Ride <br> <br> Next Destination: San Onofre SB <br> Goal Destination: San Diego, CA
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 4.85 mi/10.01 mi 5.16 mi -23041 ft/315 ft 85.7%
Cat hc 35.32 mi/40.79 mi 5.47 mi -106610 ft/-79729 ft 93.0%
Cat False 45.70 mi/58.39 mi 12.68 mi -103881 ft/-38783 ft 97.2%
Cat False 65.04 mi/78.78 mi 13.74 mi -71749 ft/-1004 ft 97.5%
Cat hc 81.15 mi/83.57 mi 2.43 mi -11437 ft/-898 ft 82.3%
Cat hc 88.48 mi/94.27 mi 5.78 mi -25040 ft/236 ft 82.8%
Cat hc 97.69 mi/100.98 mi 3.30 mi -12891 ft/206 ft 75.3%

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