Coaching, Refined

Transforming power into finesse
Alex Bailey
I take cyclist with passion and interest in the sport but with little understanding of the physiological aspects and help them gain a basic understanding of how and why. My principles are simple: set a foundation for the coming season which is mainly improving pedaling efficiency, breathing, posture and form; Build that foundation through muscle type specific workouts; then rip that foundation into exponential power to be unleashed on the races of your choosing.
I have worked under and with Hunter Allen for an entire year, worked with Thomas Chapple for several months and various other local and international coaches. One thing I noticed working with these coaches is just about all of their plans are COPY and PASTE.
I sit down with you, I ride with you, I get to know you on the bike and you in the mind, I figure out what workouts work best for you and which ones don't. I am your coach, not your "planner" and I am fed-up with "coaches" being "planners" and not designing and refining plans for their athletes, unless you pay absolutely rediculous amounts. I will see what your needs are,and recommend what I think would work best for you.
I explain every workout's purpose and end-goal, so you are as confident as I am in your future success.
My objective is to make you successful on and off the bike. I will coach you for FREE for a month, and give you all the time you want and need to make a decision. We could meet at a coffee shop or lunch and I will tell you about my coaching methods and principles and I will personally design the plan with you from scratch based on the information I gather from our discussion.
Like any coach I always love having young up and coming athletes, so feel free to meet me and discuss plans for your child.
I look forward to meeting you.
However I may charge you for the coffee or tea during our meeting, this can range from 2-5 dollars and may be payed through cash or credit, and paypal, :-).

I am excited, are you?
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