San Diego/National City to Lake Arrowhead




Bike Ride

9833 ft

Begins in:
San Diego National City Lake Arrowhead, CA, United States
Created By:
Del Dickson
San Diego to Lake Arrowhead. Passing through Poway, Escondido, Temecula, Murrietta, Sun City, Perris, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Crestline, Twin Peaks, Blue Jay, Lake Arrowhead, and Cedar Glen. <br> <br> MapMyRide gremlins have set the mileage to 0, but the route is a little over 140 miles. Bike lanes most of the way to Murrietta, as you follow Old Highway 395 most of the way. It is great-- light traffic and plenty of room for cycles. Stop in Rainbow for a nice break. <br> <br> The route from Murrietta to San Bernardino is not nearly as nice, but isn&#039;t too bad. The bit of road from Moreno Valley to San Bernardino is narrow in spots and can be a bit stressful, but again not too bad. <br> <br> You have two basic choices climbing the mountain to Lake Arrowhead. <br> <br> The first is at the bottom of the hill: I choose to ride up Waterman Canyon. Fairly narrow and no bike lane, but less well traveled. Or you may stay on the four lane main road with more room but more (and faster) traffic. <br> <br> The second choice comes toward the top of the four lane road, which is reduced to two lanes beyond the Crestline Bridge. <br> <br> I strongly recommend riding through Crestline and up to Lake Arrowhead the back way, through Lake Gregory and Twin Peaks. You will have to climb more, but there is much less, and slower, traffic. <br> <br> The stretch of Rim of the World Highway between the Crestline bridge and Two-Mile Road (Two-Mile Road is the bit of highway that runs north from the Rim to Lake Arrowhead Village) is narrow, busy, twisty, and dangerous for bicyclists. Tourists don&#039;t know how to drive mountain roads, and these days native mountain drivers aren&#039;t much better. Both are dangerous in their own way and should be avoided to the extent possible. So get off Hwy 18 at the Crestline bridge and take the back way. There are several alternative routes other than the one that I mapped out. You won&#039;t avoid all of the idiots, but there will be far fewer of them.
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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 9.26 mi/21.76 mi 12.50 mi 67 ft/842 ft 1.2%
Cat 3 32.46 mi/42.53 mi 10.07 mi 321 ft/1030 ft 1.3%
Cat 4 47.94 mi/50.05 mi 2.11 mi 368 ft/814 ft 4.0%
Cat 3 52.35 mi/58.45 mi 6.09 mi 261 ft/1094 ft 2.6%
Cat 2 65.53 mi/77.28 mi 11.75 mi 1003 ft/1582 ft 0.9%
Cat 2 93.70 mi/105.70 mi 12.00 mi 1445 ft/2127 ft 1.1%
Cat 1 115.03 mi/129.76 mi 14.74 mi 1021 ft/4782 ft 4.8%
Cat 2 131.13 mi/134.11 mi 2.98 mi 4553 ft/5717 ft 7.4%

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