Pre-geezers who want to get fast this year

Our breakfasts will consist of Cal jocks in the Berkeley hiills
John Mulvihill
Two years ago, at 59, I could do a solo, unsupported century around Death Valley in 105 degree heat.

Since then I've allowed myself to gain weight and stow away the bike while doing computer projects.

I know I waited too late, but this year, since early March, I'm working hard to get back to where I was. I realize it could be a year-long process. But my work schedule allows me to ride on the weekdays -- 150+ miles per week are essential for getting that all-important base.

I'm looking for kindred spirits of both sexes. You don't have to be my age. But like me you're determined to get into your best shape ever this year. You'd join me on rides through the local hills and beyond -- Mt. Diablo where we're ready for it.

I would not be the "boss." Others would be welcome to provide their ride ideas. I see our regular meeting place as Temescal Park of the bottom of Tunnel.
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