PMA-Ambler I




Bike Ride

912 ft

Begins in:
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Created By:
Rafael Corredoira
This map was created by riding the route. <br> Cue sheet is at the bottom. It was accurate on July 30, 2007. <br> GPS should be accurate; however, as always when using any driving directions or map, it&#039;s a good idea to do a reality check and make sure the road still exists, watch out for construction, and follow all traffic safety precautions. RIDE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. <br> <br> Cue Sheet <br> Cumulative, Distance, Where, Direction <br> 0mi, 0mi, Italian Fountaint go N, NNW <br> 1mi, 1mi, L Reservoir Dr, WNW <br> 2.3mi, 1.2mi, R Dauphin Dr, E <br> 2.4mi, 0.1mi, L on Greenland Dr, NNW <br> 2.6mi, 0.2mi, R on Cumberland, NE <br> 2.7mi, 0.1mi, L on Ridge Ab, NNW <br> 2.9mi, 0.3mi, R on Hunting Park Ave, NE <br> 3.5mi, 0.6mi, L on Henry Ave, NNW <br> 3.8mi, 0.3mi, R on Roberts Ave, ENE <br> 4.1mi, 0.3mi, L on Fox, NNW <br> 4.9mi, 0.8mi, L on Coulter, WSW <br> 5.1mi, 0.3mi, R on Henry, NNW <br> 6.4mi, 1.3mi, R on Walnut Ln, ENE <br> 7mi, 0.6mi, L on Park Line Dr, NNW <br> 7.1mi, 0.1mi, R on Upsal, ENE <br> 7.3mi, 0.2mi, L on Wissahickon, NNW <br> 7.7mi, 0.4mi, R on Westview, NE <br> 8mi, 0.3mi, L on Sherman, NW <br> 8.2mi, 0.3mi, BEC Mt Pleasant, NNE <br> 8.5mi, 0.2mi, L McCallum, NW <br> 9.2mi, 0.7mi, R Mermaid, NE <br> 9.7mi, 0.5mi, L on St Martins, NW <br> 10.3mi, 0.6mi, R on Gravers, NE <br> 11.7mi, 1.4mi, R on Flourtown, SSE <br> 11.9mi, 0.2mi, L on Abington, NE <br> 12.2mi, 0.3mi, R on Southampton, SE <br> 12.3mi, 0.1mi, L on Churchill, NE <br> 12.3mi, 0.1mi, L on Hull, NW <br> 12.9mi, 0.6mi, L on Patton, W <br> 13.5mi, 0.6mi, R on Carlisle, S <br> 13.6mi, 0.1mi, L on Paper Mill, SW <br> 13.7mi, 0.1mi, R on Montgomery, NW <br> 14.1mi, 0.4mi, L on Bethlehem Pk, SSW <br> 14.1mi, 0.1mi, R on Gordon, WNW <br> 14.4mi, 0.3mi, R on Stenton, NW <br> 17.3mi, 2.8mi, R on Sheaff, NE <br> 18.4mi, 1.1mi, R on Skippack Pk, SE <br> 18.4mi, 0mi, QL on Sheaff Ln, NE <br> 19.4mi, 1mi, L on Morris, NNW <br> 20.1mi, 0.7mi, R on Buttler Pk, NE <br> 20.5mi, 0.4mi, L on Main, NNW <br> 20.8mi, 0.2mi, R on Reiffs Mill, NNE <br> 20.9mi, 0.1mi, L on Spring Garden, NW <br> 22.1mi, 1.2mi, R on Old Penllyn, NE <br> 22.3mi, 0.2mi, L on Penllyn Blue Bell, W <br> 24.2mi, 2mi, X Skippack, SSW <br> 25mi, 0.7mi, L on Stenton, S <br> 25.4mi, 0.4mi, BR on Walton, SW <br> 25.5mi, 0.1mi, L on Stenton, S <br> 26mi, 0.5mi, R on Narcissa, SW <br> 27.5mi, 1.5mi, BR on Butler, SW <br> 28.3mi, 0.7mi, L on Germantown Pk, SSE <br> 28.3mi, 0mi, QR on Butler Pk, SW <br> 28.4mi, 0.1mi, L on Spring Mill, S <br> 28.5mi, 0.1mi, R on Black Walnut, W <br> 28.7mi, 0.3mi, R on Spring Mill, S <br> 29.6mi, 0.9mi, L on Cedar Grove, S <br> 30.5mi, 0.9mi, R on River Rd, SSW <br> 31.6mi, 1.1mi, L on Harts, ENE <br> 31.6mi, 0mi, QR into Parking lot, SSE <br> 31.7mi, 0.1mi, L into SRT, S <br> 33mi, 1.2mi, S on Nixon, SSE <br> 33.3mi, 0.3mi, L on Shawmont, NE <br> 33.5mi, 0.2mi, R on Minerva, S <br> 33.6mi, 0.1mi, BEC Umbria, SSE <br> 35.1mi, 1.5mi, R on Leverington, WSW <br> 35.2mi, 0.1mi, L on Main St, SSE <br> 36.7mi, 1.5mi, BEC Ridge Ave, ESE <br> 36.8mi, 0.1mi, R on Kelly Dr, SSW <br> 37.5mi, 0.7mi, R on Falls Bridge, SW <br> 37.7mi, 0.1mi, L on MLK Dr, ESE <br> 41.8mi, 4.2mi, R on Bike Path, NNW <br> 42.1mi, 0.3mi, , NNW <br>
Starts From:
Bike Ride


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