Entering Port Townsend via waterfront trail




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180702 ft

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Port Townsend, WA, United States
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This map shows approximately how to enter Port Townsend from route 20 via the waterfront trail. As you are riding along hwy 20 towards town you'll come to a narrow bridge. There is a sign directing bicycles onto a path to bypass the bridge. The path then allows you to go back onto the road, or continue on the path. The path winds through some scrubby fields and trees and comes out along the water. It ends at the boatyard, just make your way through and onto some side streets into downtown Port Townsend.
Bike Ride


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 15.43 mi/17.30 mi 1.87 mi -64030 ft/-56027 ft 81.2%
Cat False 26.57 mi/35.59 mi 9.02 mi -103081 ft/-57302 ft 96.1%
Cat False 40.75 mi/56.68 mi 15.93 mi -82381 ft/-274 ft 97.6%
Cat False 65.51 mi/74.16 mi 8.65 mi -44960 ft/-166 ft 98.1%

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