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Bike Ride

2139 ft

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El Cajon, CA, United States
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meet at the <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Starbucks in the Ralph&#039;s shopping center, north side of the T intersection <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> of Jamacha Road and Willow Glen Drive, a stop light street. There is plenty <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> of parking in the World Savings Bank parking lot. You ride out Willow Glen, <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> turn right onto Dehesa Road, and follow that to the fire station near Sycuan <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> Casino. That is a good place to shed windbreakers and let the group <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> re-assemble. It has been a flat and scenic warm-up of 9 miles. Now you <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> climb Dehesa Grade, 3 miles of pure fun. As you crest Dehesa Grade, turn <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> right onto Japatul Road to be followed by 7 more miles of hills with steeper <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> ascents. At the top, you turn right at Lyon&#039;s Valley Road where you have a <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> vista view before dropping through 8 miles of wonderful downhills, 2 miles <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> of modest climbing, to the turn for Skyline Truck Trail. STT offers 3 hills <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> of diminishing difficulty where each hill is followed by a fantastic <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> downhill. Turn right on Jamul Drive, wind down the first mile, then blast <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> it back to Willow Glen, turn left, and smell the coffee at Starbucks. It is <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> one of the best and safest rides in San Diego County.
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Bike Ride


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 6.61 mi/13.34 mi 6.73 mi 483 ft/1601 ft 3.1%
Cat 2 14.71 mi/20.38 mi 5.67 mi 1386 ft/2634 ft 4.2%
Cat 4 25.99 mi/29.54 mi 3.55 mi 2056 ft/2589 ft 2.8%

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