Uphill Fixed Gear Battle




Bike Ride

448119 ft

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San Diego, CA, United States
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Started by my house in Banker&#039;s Hill, pedaled down to Harbor Drive where there&#039;s that lovely jog/bike path (and the cool bay breeze) and headed around to the other side of the bay to Point Loma ... <br> <br> Going up Canon Drive - the LEAST steep hill in that area - was a real trial - GNARLY!!! I probably stopped about 3 times going up that road, but that&#039;s what I can expect (for now!) I think that road would be physically demanding even with a geared bike! Also, the traffic on Canon Drive is really scary - the cars are hauling ass and there are lots of &#039;em. <br> <br> After that the rest of the way to Cabrillo Point was relatively easygoing. The road rolls up and down, but never too much. At the top of Cabrillo Point I flipped my wheel over to the freewheel and coasted a bit, although I have to say that by that point - about 10 miles in - I was so used to pedaling that I just kept doing it - coasting was boring. <br> <br> HOWEVER - I sure was glad when I got to Talbot Street going downhill towards the bay front. Now THAT is a STEEP road. Thank God I had my front brake on and in fine working condition!!! <br> <br> All in all, a really fun ride, a very demanding workout, and I look forward to doing again and again until I go fixed the whole way and without stopping.
Bike Ride


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/0.37 mi 0.31 mi 152 ft/218 ft 4.0%
Cat False 13.99 mi/27.41 mi 13.43 mi -67988 ft/175 ft 96.1%
Cat hc 37.05 mi/51.29 mi 14.24 mi -47767 ft/370 ft 64.0%
Cat False 75.53 mi/93.12 mi 17.59 mi -88157 ft/252 ft 95.2%
Cat False 114.20 mi/129.86 mi 15.67 mi -106537 ft/-26029 ft 97.3%
Cat False 143.60 mi/162.56 mi 18.96 mi -96684 ft/286 ft 96.9%
Cat False 175.61 mi/188.85 mi 13.24 mi -65637 ft/180 ft 94.1%

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