Bike Ride

5951 ft

Begins in:
Truckee, CA, United States
Created By:
imnxcguy Best Time: 40:01
This is a classic ride many of us take to attend the Nevada City Classic Bicycle Race every Father's Day in June. Starting early in the morning, you beat much of the heat, although on hot days the last 3 climbs out of the Yuba River drainages can be hellish. The Ride begins in Truckee and heads up Highway 89 to Sierraville in the beautiful Sierra Valley. Although the road is pretty narrow and (now) heavily trafficked, starting at 7 in the morning gets you to Sierraville with a minimum of auto stress. Once you've passed Sattley and turn onto Highway 49, the traffic thins, the road climbs up and over Yuba Pass, and the windy descent to Downieville is one of the longest and most fun you'll find in the Sierra. After a break in Downieville, another few miles takes you to the North Yuba crossing, and then you need to prepare yourself for the next three climbs, and they can be hot, as you're now down cruising between 1,200 and 3,000 feet in elevation. The first climb is steady, taking you about 1,000 up to the ridge separating the North and Middle Yuba forks. Then, be ready for a long descent to the Middle Fork, and the start of another, easier climb to the tiny town of North San Juan, a great place to stop and re-fuel with water and more. From there, the road rolls on for a few miles with some brief ups and downs before your final descent to your low point of the day across the South Fork of the Yuba River at 1,200 feet. Get ready for the final climb to Nevada City by hydrating well (or taking a dip in the river!) because this last one seemingly goes on forever, twisting its way up to your destination with turn after seemingly identical turn, often with heavy river-going traffic the whole way. It's never enjoyable, but you're driven on by the fact that you're on the stretch run, and the finish line in Nevada City at 2,600 feet. Enjoy an ice coffee, ice cream, slushie or whatever cools you off and know that you earned every calorie of it!
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bicycle store
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Bike Ride


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 1.18 mi/3.73 mi 2.55 mi 5,814 ft/6,051 ft 1.8%
Cat 3 5.10 mi/12.75 mi 7.65 mi 5,832 ft/6,768 ft 2.3%
Cat 2 28.66 mi/36.06 mi 7.40 mi 4,936 ft/6,722 ft 4.6%
Cat 3 72.13 mi/75.92 mi 3.79 mi 2,283 ft/3,198 ft 4.6%
Cat 4 85.93 mi/89.35 mi 3.42 mi 1,540 ft/2,155 ft 3.4%
Cat 5 91.28 mi/92.27 mi 0.99 mi 1,871 ft/1,984 ft 2.2%
Cat 2 95.88 mi/102.22 mi 6.34 mi 1,315 ft/2,664 ft 4.0%

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