Calhoun 6 Gap Ride




Bike Ride

6024 ft

Begins in:
Weaver, AL, United States
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This ride starts at the Chief Ladiga Trail head in Weaver. Goes out to Fort McClellan and goes over Bains Gap. Then out to HW9 and down to Collaquilla Road, climb Collaquilla Gap and hit intersection of Whites Gap road, and turn and climb Whites Gap. Then travel on to Piedmont along HW 9. Ride Vilo Road/HW70 and climb up Dugger Mt. Down to HW 49 in Cleburne Co. and climb the 22% grade Dugger climb. On to HW 55 and back to Rabbittown and back to Whites Gap and over. At intersection turn and climb back over Collaquilla Gap and return down to HW 9, back to Bains Gap climb and through McClellan back to Weaver. This ride is approximately 80 miles, with those 6 climbs, 3 which have 20% or more grade (both sides of Bains and the short Dugger on HW49). There are many smaller steep hills in this ride as well. Very hard day in the saddle.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 3 0.06 mi/6.66 mi 6.59 mi 671 ft/1305 ft 1.8%
Cat 4 9.83 mi/14.24 mi 4.42 mi 694 ft/1196 ft 2.2%
Cat 5 15.86 mi/17.79 mi 1.93 mi 863 ft/1165 ft 3.0%
Cat 4 31.66 mi/36.70 mi 5.04 mi 672 ft/1115 ft 1.7%
Cat 5 38.13 mi/39.25 mi 1.12 mi 774 ft/909 ft 2.3%
Cat 5 40.25 mi/43.29 mi 3.05 mi 846 ft/1093 ft 1.5%
Cat 5 59.47 mi/61.33 mi 1.87 mi 778 ft/1166 ft 3.9%
Cat 5 63.26 mi/64.94 mi 1.68 mi 860 ft/1193 ft 3.8%
Cat 3 69.30 mi/72.47 mi 3.17 mi 686 ft/1305 ft 3.7%

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