Saanich, Great Hillls and No Traffic




Bike Ride

2042 ft

Begins in:
Victoria, BC, Canada
Created By:
Geoff Cotter
A great ride to hit some good hills and avoid routes with a lot of traffic like the Malahat. <br> <br> You start out by parking at the Interurban Campus, the first hill is a good warm up to get the climbing legs going on the Observatory Hill. The next destination is Willis Point Road, if you have a road bike you would rather not take on gravel you can stay on West Saanich but I prefer the gravel part of Interurban. We get of West Saanich just past the Red Barn Market and head up Willis Point Road. Now I will warn you if you get to Durance Lake wondering how much you have left in the tank then call do not attempt to go to the end of Willis Point Rd the half after Durance Lake is much more challenging, but for those that do enjoy the windy hills and once you get to the end of Willis Point turn around and head back. We will take Ross Durrance Rd, so if you go past the enterance to Durrance lake on the way back you went to far. This portion of the ride takes you into the Highlands and I think is the best road biking in the CRD. Its some long hills both up and down that are really windy, old growth forests line the road and you rarely if ever encounter anyone. When we get to Millstrean Lake and Munns Roads take Munns and stay on Munns the whole way to avoid hitting a dead end. When we come to Prospect Lake Rd. either way is a great ride I usually turn right (as the map shows)follow that onto Burnside West (not as busy as the rest of Burnside Rd) and take your pick of roads to turn onto I usually take Granville and then Hastings and then turn left onto North Road, which I follow to Interurban and back to Camosun College. <br> <br> There are parts where cell phones will not work in this area so be sure you are prepared to do minor repairs like fixing a flat tire. Also the College is pay parking and they really like to nail people in there so its a good idea to pay, I can&#039;t see this taking more then 3 hours and most people will get it done well before that.
Bike Ride


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 4 0.31 mi/3.68 mi 3.37 mi 136 ft/685 ft 3.1%
Cat 4 6.74 mi/10.48 mi 3.74 mi 183 ft/668 ft 2.5%
Cat 4 12.16 mi/13.85 mi 1.68 mi 192 ft/677 ft 5.5%
Cat 5 14.97 mi/16.34 mi 1.37 mi 513 ft/731 ft 3.0%
Cat 5 17.84 mi/19.34 mi 1.50 mi 578 ft/824 ft 3.1%

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