Michigan Human Powered Rally - Sprint Event

Begins in:
Clarkston, MI, United States
Michael Mowett
Michael Mowett
saint clair shores, MI
Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally - 200 FOOT SPRINT EVENT - Riders line up ontop the hill. Then proceed one-by-one down the hill getting a speed boast to start the event. Once on the flat section, they round the curve continuing to accelerate before reaching the start of the 200 foot timing stretch on the straightaway. Riders have roughly a 1/3 mile (536 meters) to accelerate. Speeds of 35 mph on a regular recumbent and 45 mph on a streamlined recumbent are what has been achieved in the past. After exiting the traps, after a 0.37 mile, riders brake before entering the turn at the end of the straightaway.

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