Michigan Human Powered Rally - Hour Event

Begins in:
Clarkston, MI, United States
Michael Mowett
Michael Mowett
saint clair shores, MI
Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally - HOUR EVENT - Riders line up on Start/Finish line in front of the grandstand. Race goes in a clockwise direction around the track, and includes climbing the hill once every 1.4 mile lap. After 60 minutes, riders complete the lap they are on, then exit the track. There average speed is computed. Each racer will have a timing chip attached to their bike. In this time trial type of event, riders are not supposed to draft off another rider. Some riders can ride 18 to 23 laps of the track in one hour. This event is usually run on Saturday morning. Usually the faster streamlined bicycles go at one time, and then later in the day the rest of the riders.

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